Personal Practice

I recently got asked the question — as a teacher, what does your personal yoga practice look like?

First, I have to say that my physical practice is not what it looked like two years, five years ago, or even ten years ago.

There’s a common misconception that to be a dedicated yogi, you need to have a vigorous daily flow practice. And for many on the path, that may be the case; but I’ve seen so so many students + teachers alike comment on how that practice changes when you’re a long time practitioner. Maybe it’s injury. Or an evolved spiritual practice. But it becomes more about meeting your body + mind exactly where they’re at.

I balance my physical practice with flows centered on slowness + fluidity, and flows centered on functional strength (as a teacher, I love this opportunity for unique sequencing to share with my students!). Sometimes it’s 15 minutes, other days it’s 90 minutes.

I meet the needs of my nervous system with a daily pranayama (breathwork) practice. My anxiety + stress levels have stabilized. I take deep solace in these techniques.

I spend time regularly immersed in either mindfulness or yoga philosophy (ask my husband, you can commonly find me under a pile of well worn yoga books, my many notebooks and highlighters 😂).

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