I have been a regular customer of Zen Gems jewelry for a little over a year now. The incredible quality of Nichole’s work coupled with her beautifully kind personality keeps me coming back for more!

She makes the custom process so seamlessly effortless, from the initial consultation through to the final product.

I am one of those people that knows exactly what I want, which can be exasperating for the person trying to bring my vision into fruition. Nichole has never once made me feel rushed, or difficult. Instead she has shown nothing but patience and loving guidance as she created the perfect custom bracelets for me.

She keeps communication open throughout the process, being easy to reach and receptive to suggestions. Nichole’s creativity knows no bounds; she sent me update photos that allowed me to take my time before settling on the final look.

The many many bracelets I have received from Nichole are absolutely beautiful to look at. But more important than that for me is the energy contained within each one. I have purchased a couple of bracelets from other local vendors, and while each one was pretty in their own way, not a single one of them has had the phenomenal energy that Nichole’s has. The moment I open a package from Zen Gems Jewelry, I feel the positivity and intention that she has lovingly made each item with.

I truly can not recommend Zen Gems Jewelry enough. Whether you’re looking for a gemstone mama or bracelet for their stunning style, or if you’re looking to set intentions for meditation, or if you believe in the metaphysical properties of gemstones – whatever you’re looking for, I guarantee you will not be disappointed shopping here.

Thank you Nichole for these beautiful bracelets, and for helping me along on my journey of mindfulness, peaceful parenting and self discovery.

Zainab M.