Please note that custom orders are closed at the moment and will reopen in April or May.


Thank you for considering me for your custom piece of healing jewelry. I am always honoured when clients request to work with me to create a special, intuitive piece for themselves or a loved one to guide them on their spiritual journey.

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Zen Gems Jewelry is my home based business. As such, there are a couple options when beginning a custom creation. You are welcome to set up a time come into my home, review stones and design options in person (for malas only). I am also available for (relatively) unlimited online correspondence through email or Facebook for the duration of the process.

How do we get started?

Think of what you want from this piece. Is its intent to target a specific emotional, mental or spiritual attribute? Or physical ailments? Or do you want to pick stones or colours that intuitively feel right to you? It is totally up to you.

Once we establish intent, I am happy to suggest stone options for you if you aren’t quite sure what you’d like. I carry over 100 varieties of crystals and gemstones. I do strive to have them well stocked, but please note that sometimes I do have to order them in (this can take 3-4 weeks). My gemstones come in 6mm and 8mm size (4mm can be ordered in), therefore there are a few options are available for mala bead necklaces when it comes to stone size and length.

Other things to consider is the use of spacers or accent beads (available in silver tone, gold tone, copper tone); optional charms (often placed at the back of the mala); and focal pieces (ranging from large gemstone pendants, or chain tassels – to get an idea, please take a look at my albums: currently available, sold out, and custom creations).

I suggest spending some time perusing through my work: currently available, sold out and custom creations; pictures of my available gems (found on my website); and/or looking online. From there, I’d like to gain a good sense of your gemstone choice, bead size, length, design, spacers, charms and focal.


My mala prices vary greatly depending on semi-precious gemstones and crystals sizes used, bead size, how long it is (ie, 72 versus 108 bead malas), and what kind of focal is used. Each mala can take up to 4-6 hours to create based on design and the intricate hand-knotting process that ensures longevity and durability of your creation. Here are some estimates:

  • 72 bead malas (8mm stones): $88+
  • 108 bead malas (6mm): $108+
  • 108 bead malas (8mm): $118+

I charge a custom fee of 30% the price of your necklace (ie, a $100 custom piece would have a $30.00 custom fee added, making its to total $130.00). This accounts for my time and wisdom and intuition that goes into the pieces beyond what is regularly stocked.

A 50% deposit is due at the time of ordering your custom piece for malas. The balance is due when your piece is ready. Custom bracelet orders are to be paid in full at the time of ordering.

Custom orders are subject to 5% GST and 6% PST for Saskatchewan residents.

Bracelets start at $28 for adults, and $22 for children. A 30% custom fee is added to each bracelet.

Please note that some stones are more rare, and therefore will be more expensive. Some examples of pricier stones are: crystal quartz, white moonstone, lodolite, tourmaline, black moonstone, drusy, morganite, apatite, rhodochrosite, larimar, auralite 23, apatite, iolite, Canadian jade, etc. if cost is a factor but you would like these stones in your piece, we can always accent with them instead of selecting them amongst the main stones. I can also make suggestions for lower priced gemstones that can be used to “fill” with your more desired stones.


If you prefer me to work intuitively, I can absolutely do that when laying out your piece. Before I begin the hand knotted process, I always send a picture of two variations to my client to select from. If you have a set design in mind, or want your gemstones laid out in a specific manner, please specify as clear as you can, and/or send some pictures of examples.

Color blocking

Ombre fade (can be done between 2, 3 or 4 stones)

1:1 (ie, rose quartz, amethyst, rose quartz, amethyst, etc) Can be done with 2 stones or many as pictured above. 

Sizing (bracelets)?

I stock my womens bracelets in 7″; mens in 8″ and childrens in varying sizes according to age. These are all averages, and this has worked out well, though every body is different and there are times when additional sizes are needed.

To get a more accurate size; measure the diameter with a measuring tape placed snugly around your wrist. I suggest adding .75″ to 1.25″ to this measure (depending how snug you like your bracelets). For example, my wrist is quite small: 5.5″, and I design my bracelets at 6.5″. They are not completely snug but not loose. Please provide me with your wrist measurement and we can determine bracelet size.

For children, I suggest 5.5″ for the “average sized” 3-6 year old; 6″ for ages 7-12; and 6.5″ for teenagers (and petite women).

How long will it take?

This varies greatly based on my currently workload, the intricacy of your piece, any upcomong event prep, and/or if supplies need to be ordered in especially for your piece. I can offer a more narrowed down timeline at the time of your order once stones are selected though. Generally speaking though, it can take 2-5 weeks.

What is included in my custom order?

Unlimited correspondence with yours truly to help you design and decide on gemstones.

Your finished piece will come in a fabric pouch, along with a full description of the stones used in your piece, and also a one card guide on mala beads, how to use and care for them, and a crystal of my choosing to help guide you on your journey.

Should you have any other questions beyond what this “quick start” custom guide didn’t address, I would be happy to help you out.

If interested in a quote, please complete the following form. I will get back to you with 24 to 48 hours!