african turquoise
evolution, growth,  positive change, opens mind to possibilities; balance, prosperity; soul purpose; positivity & wisdom
third eye: vision,  headaches

grounding, protection, stabilizing, equilibrium between yin/yang energy, self-acceptance, strength, heightened consciousness
birth, pms, stomach, epilepsy

hope, loving communication, speaking ones truth, confidence, feminine/masculine balance, practicality, manifestation
heart, nervous system, stress

stone of balance & peace; protection from negativity, self esteem, inner self, clarity, moving forward
all healing, immune support, headaches, sleep, hormones

blend of amethyst + citrine; enhances meditation/spiritual practices; heightens inspiration + joy; helps to overcome blockages
cleansing, immune, fatigue

inner peace & calm, spirituality, angel connection, communication, dispels fear/anger, understanding
heart, circulatory system, headaches, throat

heightens personal power; connects spiritual + mental energy; brings communication/ openness + understanding  metabolism, bones, headaches

energy of the ocean; connected to natural energy, spirit + beauty; washes away worry, encourages centeredness + inner awareness
lungs, inflammation, fear

 aqua terra jasper
encourages feelings of connectedness – vibrations of earth + power of mother nature; grounding, focus, clarity; lessens judgement
internal organs, blood flow

aura quartz
brings nurturing, harmony, love + peace; spiritual stone that connects to angels, intuition, karma + aura protection
master healer, immunity

stone of luck, creativity, possibilities in new opportunities, balances emotions, guides inner harmony, rejuvenating & soothing
nervous system, hormones

freedom + individuality; positive change; azurite guides insight + spirituality; malachite brings calm, transformation + growth
joints, internal organs, stress

bamboo agate
nurturing & soothing, balance, creativity & confidence, security & root chakra, ancient wisdom/spirit guide connection
birth, pms, stomach, epilepsy

banded agate
stone of love + strength; nurtures the soul with creativity + confidence; soothing effect brings stability to body, mind + spirit 
anxiety, nervous system

botswana agate
eternal love stone; heals emotions; brings hope + love; stimulates crown chakra + auric body; encourages expression, creativity + exploration
Illness, depression, toxins

encourages empowerment, promotes certainty & control, intuition; releases judgment; decision making, inspires kindness
iron, hemoglobin, cancer

orange calcite
encourages you to believe in yourself; inspires persistence, creative intellect + confidence; cleanses + amplifies energy
sacral/solar plexus, metabolism,digestion

calsilica jasper
awareness of  synchronicities + listening to your intuition; living with purple + integrity; enhances attention + calms emotions
diabetes, blood, heart

encourages personal power, vitality, motivation + self compassion; regulates negativity; strength-focused; sacral/solar plexus
pms, pain, internal organs

cherry quartz
variation of quartz brings universal love, calm + self discovery; amplifies spirituality + intentions, radiating positive energy outwards  
all healing

purifies + cleanses, increases capacity for balance, love + growth, clear communication + self-expression; connects to feminine energy (love, transformation + softness)
anxiety, depression, hormones

symbolizes growth + healing; optimism, joy + abundance; brings alignment that empowers you spiritually; circulates divine truth + loving energy 
heart, reproductive organs

filled with happiness, light + abundance; helps to manifest goals, bringing vibrancy to intentions; self-awareness + creativity; energizes
digestion, depression

crazy lace agate
circular flow of energy; stimulates mind + attitude; brings stability + confidence; staying present; spiritual growth; brings lightness
digestion, heart

crystal quartz
increases energy around the body; purity, perseverance, patience, stabilizes emotions, clarity, manifestation, soul purpose, amplifies crystals
all healing

dalmatian jasper
encourages grounding while connecting physical + spiritual energy; stone of loyalty; enables one to see their strengths/weaknesses; promotes liveliness + joy
nerves, muscles, immunity, skin

dragons vein agate
heightens creative visualization; energy + strength; balances emotions + physical manifestations; alignment w/ truth + soul purpose
stress, pain

brings light + joy, empowerment; purification, amplifies natural healing; strengthens spirit; deflects negativity
depression, stimulates healing

fire agate
promotes passion, vitality and courage; manifests divine guidance through action; dispels fears; carries security + trust through earth connection
eyes, circulation, depression

mental clarity; increases concentration, decision making; balances chaos, brings inner peace, neutralizes negativity, meditation
insomnia,  all healing

freshwater pearl
symbolizes purity, stimulates the mind in clarity/wisdom, enhances personal integrity; brings focus, increases physical vitality
digestion, fertility, childbirth

heals + revitalizes; encourages energy to flow freely (body, mind + spirit); dissolves root chakra blocks; grounding + engagement; self-esteem, devotion, + love
depression, thyroid, spleen

repels negativity; calms ones temperament; stimulates creativity + concentration, aids in clear thought; courage, confidence + vitality
eyes, wounds, bones

goldsheen obsidian
brings light to the present; blocks negativity + purifies energy; inspires spiritual alignment, manifesting ones true calling; patience
stress, detox

hawks eye
deeper insight + intuition; eases stress; grounds scattered thoughts; represents earth + sun energy; heightens self understanding  
endocrine, digestion, eyes

protective, grounding, calming, releases negative vibrations, joy & vitality, intuition, physical magnetism, emotional strength
blood, sleep, pain, birth

powerful Buddha-energy; enlightenment + spiritual development; uplifts + balances emotions; crown, 3rd eye + throat chakras 
blood, metabolism, health

calming energies, patience, absorbs negativity, stone of attunement, increases ambition & awareness
skeletal system, immune support, pain

indian agate
“earths rainbow”; inspires meditation + powerful healing; protects + balances; brings physical strength/ emotional security
digestion, eyes, skin

serene + purifying; abundance in health, wealth + love; goal-oriented; stimulates creativity + agility; physical healing + protection
skeletal,  hormonal health

stabilizing + grounding; encourages connection to the vibrations of the earth; lessens judgement; brings focus + clarity
tissue, internal organs

kambaba jasper
sooths mind + balances body + spirit; increases focus; releases negative thoughts + stabilizes aura; opens heart chakra + encourages self love
immunity, digestion, skin

kiwi sesame jasper
encourages feeling of wholeness; unifying all aspects of life; brings balance + love; nurturing stone that brings empathy + compassion
internal organs, blood flow

unites heart + mind; heals emotions; inspires reflection, letting go, being present + open to love + serenity
hormones/reproduction, circulation, depression

power, transformation, magic, guides intuition, stimulates intellect, originality, inspiration, balances chakras
vision, brain, metabolism

lapis lazuli
total awareness + truth; used to purify + revitalize physically + emotionally; activates higher mind; relieves stress w/ inner peace + harmony
depression, immune, adhd, detox, sleep

gentle healing energy; heightens self understanding; brings serenity + divine feminine wisdom + balance to the body + soul cartilage/throat conditions

stabilizes emotions; soothes the heart; cleanses negativity + integrates past with present; promotes new ideas + self reflection  
metabolism, detox, bp

lava rock
essential oil diffusible, strength, courage, stability, connection to Earth, calming energies, stabilizing, root chakra
fertility, purification, stress

mood stabilizing; gentleness, calm, balance; healer for stress; brings hope; dissolves energy blocks; independence, self love + trust
pain, digestion, birth

lilac jasper
increases feelings of well-being + wholeness; relaxation, calming, gentleness + nurturing; positive vibrations that enhance synchronicity
internal organs, blood flow

lodolite (garden quartz)
used in healing + meditation; releases negativity, manifests inspiring intentions; enhances communication + spiritual connections 
internal organs, eyes

love + passion, peace in mediation, grounding, chakra balance, increases self worth, happiness
heart chakra, skeletal system, pms

heightens intellect, learning + memory; balances emotions + practicality; high micro-nutrient content promotes overall well-being 
alzheimers, detox, digestion

map jasper
stabilizing + grounding; encourages connection to the vibrations of the earth; lessens judgement; brings focus + clarity
tissue, internal organs

healing stone that carries strength; brings us to the present moment; guiding us to live with hope not fear; connects to passed loved ones
grief, immune, organs

manifests peace +  harmony within ones body + spirit; embraces femininity, intuition, + inner growth; connected to the moons cycle
hormones,  pregnancy

warms heart + soul; wisdom, clear thought, freshens up perspective; renews spirit with loving + calming energy
physical healing, blood, lung disorders

moss agate
“power” agate, balances emotions,  strength, refreshes soul; everyday beauty; focus, new beginnings, abundance
anxiety, birth, removes toxins

grounding stone that brings wisdom, self control + inner growth; assisting to find ones soul purpose; helps protect against negativity and eliminate subconscious blockages
eye sight, digestive diseases

ocean jasper
rare jasper, filters negativity + encourages focus on ones blessings; spirit of peace + letting go; being present; attuned to nature
neutralizes toxins; organs

protects fr negativity; balances happiness, joy + abundance; spirituality; confidence; sharpens senses + intuition
depression, grief, root chakra

assists in understanding of true self; attracts positive light energy to increase hope + strength; brings softness + serenity where needed 
birth, depression, circulation, diabetes, detox

petrified wood
ancient tree fossilized with quartz + agate; calms by grounding to roots; offers clarity in what’s important; attuning to present moment
skeletal system, anxiety

picasso jasper
harmonious, creator energy; stone of transformation; sense of calm, stability + grounding; reminder to trust + honor ones journey
metabolism, vision, root chakra

picture jasper
stone of global awareness, connects to earths vibration for wisdom, balance + to heal emotions; sparks creativity + initiative
immunity, kidneys, skin

pink opal
dedicated to transformation; bringing love, light + self understanding; clears emotions, heightens optimism for life;  represents goddess energy eyes, stress, insomnia

pink zebra jasper
grounding, compassion + vitality; connects to infinite energy + love within universe; strengthens connections; shows us our truth
heart chakra

polychrome jasper
connects to fire element (vitality, passion, creativity); deeply grounded + connected to earth energy; strong healer; creates positive change
immune, stomach, anxiety

brings unconditional love, light + knowledge to your path; connects to divine energy; helps to release worry
heart, connective tissue, bladder,  fertility

shields from negative energy; brings prosperity + abundance; strengthens the mind + heightens vitality; connects to earth + sun 
digestion, bones, lungs

rainbow obsidian
brings hope, illumination + energy into any emotional blockages; heals karma + brings release; enhances optimism, joy + focus
stress, circulation

rose quartz
unconditional love, compassion, infinite peace, kindness, calm, sensitivity, purifying, balances emotions
heart chakra, pain, anxiety, hormones, circulation

protective wood; strengthens aura; shields from negativity; healing for self + others; represents Ganesh (remover of obstacles); helps to manifest desires

heart healing; expands mind to higher consciousness; leading from a place of love; connects to joy + wonder
spleen, heart, anxiety, fetal development, aging

infuses soul with love, encourages unconditional love, heals old patterns, freedom, removes toxicity, grace, mental balance
heart, arthritis, autoimmune

rutilated quartz
illuminates intentions + amplifies energy of other stones; increases vitality, mental clarity + stability; cleanses spirit + connects to divine light
respiratory, cell regeneration

soothing fragrant wood, subtle vibrations, clear perception, tranquility, presence, compassion, openness
anti-depressant, cellular healing

symbolizes water and the moon, it encourages adaptability, self expression, calmness + sensitivity; heightens inspiration + intuition
hearing, skeletal, nervous system

smoky quartz
rounds + protects; oneness w/ universe; vitality + intuition; emotional balance + relaxation, meditation; clears energy blockages
depression, adhd, root chakra (legs, spine)

instills confidence + free expression; enhances insight + creativity; allows calming energy to flow around you; inspires deep thought
metabolism, bp, aging

spiderweb jasper
represents interconnectedness, symbolic to the web of life, ones well-being and self-healing, grounds + protects, heightens awareness where needed
internal organs, blood

strawberry quartz
variation of quartz brings universal love, calm + self discovery; amplifies spirituality + intentions, radiating positive energy outwards  
all healing

abundance + joy; integrating goddess powers of love + inner harmony; reflects qualities of light, openness, warmth + strength
digestion, aches + pains

tiger eye
a grounding stone for the mind, sharpens intellect + courage; enhances intuition; brings abundance; eases fears
digestion, bones, depression, addiction

 titanium aura quartz
high vibrational stone amplifies healing energy, clears chakras + provides a multi-dimensional energy shift by bringing focus, awareness + communication
all healing

tourmaline quartz
amplifying quartz, cleansing/protective tourmaline, problem solving, mood boosting, good for spiritual seekers
depression, nervous system, fatigue

tree agate
stone of plenitude; focus on oneness, patience + responsibility; helps to see beauty in everything; strengthens family connections
heart, vision, pregnancy

 zebra stone
balance, awakens soul, connect to earths energy, deeper intuition, uplifts, heightens energy, wisdom and vitality
pain, depression/anxiety, vitamin deficiencies